Branding package overview

logo presentation

The first thing you’ll receive in our branding package is the logo presentation. This is done once we’ve designed three logo options for you. We’ll sit down with you and go through the presentation, going over the brief (main takeaways from our first consultation meeting), and the moodboard where we gained inspiration from. Then we’ll explain how we came to each design.

Logo presentation example, using Studio Objective branding

logo design

Once you’ve settled on a logo, you’ll receive the most important document in the whole package. The logo itself! We’ll provide you with multiple logo files for various uses, such as light and dark versions (if applicable), and the secondary logo (if applicable) like below on the right.

Final logo example, using Studio Objective branding

business card design

To accompany your logo, the branding package comes with a business card. We’ll provide you with print-ready files so you can immediately get them printed!

social media files

Get ready to show off your new logo! We also include an email signature, profile photo, and cover images for social media.

Social media profile photos and cover image example, using Studio Objective branding

logo spec guide

Our in-depth spec guide will go over your logo’s fonts, colours, and other important specifications. That includes the logo’s clear space, and what not do to with the logo (e.g. do not add a drop shadow). Your new logo looks beautiful! This guide will help insure it will always look it’s best.

Logo spec guide example, using Studio Objective branding

guide to file types

With multiple file types included in the branding package, we wanted to simplify it by including this helpful guide. It also goes over some colour information that is mentioned in the spec guide. We want to leave you feeling confident to use your logo and grow your brand!

Guide to file types and colour spaces

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