We’re Studio Objective, a female-run, eco-conscious creative studio.

our story

The idea for Studio Objective started in the fall of 2019, where we felt powerless in the current climate crisis and the continuous struggle for women’s safety and rights. Both of us were in-between jobs and kept encountering the same problem at nearby design agencies; they weren’t eco-conscious, nor did they help support their community. That’s when we had the idea for Studio Objective.

giving back

At the end of each month, we donate 5% of our income to local women’s charities and worldwide environmental organizations. We are strong supporters of renewable energy and sustainable living practices, and advocate for a world where women feel safe, supported, and empowered.

Isabelle Ford-Roy, the lead graphic designer of Studio Objective


lead graphic designer

Isabelle Ford-Roy has an Advanced Diploma (Honours) in Graphic Design from Mohawk College and a Certificate in Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College. She specializes in graphic design, packaging, and UI design. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, hiking, and learning about history.

Cassandra Giansante, the lead web designer of Studio Objective


lead web designer

Cassandra Giansante specializes in web design and has an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Mohawk College. She spends her spare time listening to true crime podcasts, drawing, and cuddling with her pup.

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Located in the Hamilton & Burlington area.